Stories Woven by Culture


is the new face of the theatre and arts industry in Canada. The company was founded on the love of art that is created for the sake of culture, community and truth and not the sake of business. We take care to highlight the stories of racially marginalized peoples in order to empower those to whom the stories belong.

Our mission is to produce and develop multi-disciplinary works by ethnic and racialized artists. Showcasing these works in conjunction with mentoring and fostering new and emerging artists is at the core of that mission. Having the power to tell our stories through a variety of mediums ensures that we are in charge of that narrative.

Who Are We?

Tai Wong-Clayton

Founder/Artistic Director

Tai Wong-Clayton is an Afro-Asian actor, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, born and raised in Vancouver BC and based in Toronto. He has had the privilege of working all over Ontario with companies such as Waycik Productions and The Sudbury Theatre Centre to name a few.

“Social advocacy has always been what fuels my love of the arts. Artists are the trend setters and culture shapers of our society. My desire is for Basket Collective to be a safe haven for artists to feel empowered to share their stories, and by doing so take control of how they are represented.”

Where we come from

Basket Collective was founded by Tai Wong-Clayton, an Afro-Asian Performer and social advocate. The name was inspired by his grandmother Edith Clayton, a Nova Scotia born African basket weaver.

Edith was a woman filled with love. She was a mother, an artist, a mentor, and the embodiment of grace and power. Her artistry supported her family and her community, not just financially but spiritually. Her work was prominently displayed at Expo 86 and can be seen today at the Halifax Museum. She is a reminder that culture and art go hand in hand, and that representation is paramount in keeping it alive.

We at Basket Collective aim to uphold her values and honor her legacy in everything we do.