Stories Woven by Culture

  • Joshua King

    Meet Your Headliner

    Joshua King (he/him)
    To me, music is what truly can change the world. It’s a phenomenon that can bring people together. People of all walks of life can be brought together for the joy of music. And that’s what brings me joy about music.

  • Faly Mevamanana

    Brendan D'Souza

    Meet The Acts

    Faly (she/her)
    Being able to make music and act has been a life raft for me, now more than ever. I find my greatest joy in exploring a character's world and getting to live in my unbound imagination as we all did as children. I'm so grateful for this artform, and that I am able to learn and grow through it.
    Brendan (they/them)
    Comedy for me is about connection. I’ve used comedy to talk about race, queerness, mental health, abuse, breakups, things that are too painful to talk about otherwise. If you can laugh about something, you can talk about it, and eventually understand it. Getting to be visible for folk who need it (myself included) is the greatest privilege to me, and the greatest joy.

  • Lyndsey Britten

    Rose-Ingrid Benjamin

    Meet The Acts

    Lyndsey (she/her)
    We are all meant to dance. Dancing is how I express myself, my body communicates the story. When I am dancing, there is an intense yet serene feeling that makes me feel as if I can make some real change in the world.
    Rose-Ingrid (she/her)
    is a member of the Haitian diaspora settled on Turtle Island. She is a songwriter, performer, writer, and educator creating at the intersection of art, and justice. She will be releasing her second EP, her first book of poetry and Makin’ It a podcast about life and the nature of success.

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